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Interior Plants Leasing offers affordable interior plants leasing, stylish plant groupings and gorgeous pots. We are an interior plant design and maintenance company based in Southern California. Approximately 35% of our clients lease their plants and containers, which enables them to avoid the upfront cost of a capital expenditure, has tax advantages, and provides them more flexibility as to what plant or container they would like in their offices at a later date. Perhaps after a remodel, your company may want a different color or type of container, or plant type. Leasing provides that flexibility which ownership does not have.


If your company is interested in purchasing interior plants and containers for your offices, (with guaranteed plant maintenance), as a general rule, your costs for the first year will be about half that, if they are leased. These savings decline over time, although they are offset somewhat by the tax advantage of expensing the total amount of the lease.


The vagaries of this can be explained in more detail by allowing us to visit your offices and provide you with a proposal that will offer your company both the purchase price of the plants and containers, and the option of leasing them. Both options include guaranteed plant maintenance.


All proposals are returned within 5 days.


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